New program: Bachelor Law, Politics, and Economics at EBS University

Starting with the winter semester 2023/24, EBS University (EBS) will offer the new bachelor program “Law Politics and Economics”. The English-language program combines content from the three disciplines of law, politics, and economics and links them with the international orientation of EBS to solve complex societal challenges facing the world in the 21st century.

Combining the three subjects of Law, Politics, and Economics.

“The world needs more people who are willing to take responsibility and proactively meet the challenges of the future,” said former EU Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger in his inaugural speech as president of EBS in September 2021.

One year later, EBS is establishing a new, more interdisciplinary degree programme that pursues precisely the goal of producing versatile and excellently trained generalists. The bachelor program “Law, Politics & Economics” combines three highly relevant subjects that are key to human challenges such as climate change and digitalization.

It is precisely through the combination of these subjects that it enables graduates to develop holistic perspectives that are essential for assuming leadership roles and social responsibility. The program provides the knowledge and analytical skills to better understand complex challenges and design forward-looking solutions.

The future belongs to generalists and multi-talents

“Our goal is to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. This includes excellence in a core subject, but also the ability to approach the tasks of the future as generalists,” explains University President Günther H. Oettinger. “Integrating principles from different disciplines helps students take a normative approach to problem solving that focuses not only on what is happening, but also on what should happen to build better societies,” he further explains.

Bachelor Law Politics and Economics at EBS University
University President Günther H. Oettinger: “The world needs more people who are willing to take responsibility and proactively master the challenges of the future.” Photo: EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht gGmbH, photographer: John M. John.

The end result should be critically and analytically thinking graduates who take on a variety of roles – whether in management, political or social institutions, associations, non-profit organizations, or founding a start-up.

New degree program starting in 2023: Bachelor Law Politics and Economics

The new programme comprises three academic years and is divided into law, political science and economics. Each subject is not taught separately, but also on an interdisciplinary basis. Right from the start, the teaching of law takes a comparative perspective and focuses on European and international law.

The program starts with an intensive introduction to the three disciplines. In the second year, students devote special attention to expanding their personal and professional skills. In the third year, they spend a semester at one of the 200 partner universities abroad. Internships are scheduled during the summer months, optionally abroad. The program concludes with the bachelor’s thesis. Students will meet leading experts from all three disciplines and participate in numerous events, case studies, and field trips.

Bachelor Law Politics and Economics at EBS University of Business and Law

EBS University is one of the leading private business universities. Currently, around 2200 students and doctoral candidates are studying and researching at the campuses in Wiesbaden and Oestrich-Winkel. EBS Business School, the oldest private business school in Germany, has been educating leaders with an international perspective since 1971.

Since 2011, EBS Law School has been offering a full-fledged, classical law degree with the final goal of a state examination and business law focus areas as well as an integrated Master in Business (M.A.). With its EBS Executive School continuing education program, the university supports business professionals and executives. Since 2016, EBS University has been part of the foundation company SRH, one of the largest education and healthcare companies in Germany.

Keep in mind: When you are interested in studies in Germany do not forget that there are two alternative educational programs available in Germany: The dual studies program (finishing with a Bachelor's degree and a Skilled Worker's degree) and the dual apprenticeship program ('Ausbildung', finishing with a Skilled Worker's degree).
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