Fastest apprenticeships in Germany: In these professions you will be a skilled worker in only 2 years

If you want to do an apprenticeship in Germany, you might be interested in getting into a job as a skilled worker as quickly as possible. Depending on the profession, apprenticeships vary in length. The longest apprenticeships last up to 42 months. In some apprenticeships, however, you can get a job after just 24 months. We show you the fastest apprenticeships in Germany.

Only 24 months: The fastest apprenticeships in Germany

The following dual vocational apprenticeships in Germany programs all last only 24 months. After these 2 years, you can work as a skilled worker in this field after successfully completing your apprenticeship. In many of the professions shown here, you can earn above-average wages.

Job titleAvailable places per year approx.
Change tailor / Alteration tailormore than 100
Finishing workman / Finishing workwoman Apprenticeships in Germany according to focus: Carpentry work, plasterer work, tile work, slab work and mosaic work, screed work, heat work, cold work and sound insulation work, drywall work.more than 500
Building and object coater / building and object coatermore than 1,000
Miner and machinist / miner and machinist, apprenticeships in Germany in the specialties: Drifting and mining, transport and maintenanceless than 100
Chemical laboratory technician (m/f)less than 100
Specialist for woodwork and building protection workless than 100
Specialist for courier services, express services and postal servicesmore than 1,000
Leather processing specialistless than 100
Metal technology specialist, field of construction technologymore than 100
Metal technology specialist, metal forming technology and wire technologyless than 100
Metal technology specialist, field of machining technologymore than 500
Metal technology specialist, field of assembly technologymore than 1,000
Specialist in the hospitality industrymore than 1,000
Warehouse specialistmore than 10,000
Bicycle mechanic / bicycle fittermore than 1,000
Hochbaufacharbeiter / Hochbaufacharbeiterin, apprenticeships in Germany in the main areas: Masonry work, concrete work and reinforced concrete work, furnace work and chimney construction work.more than 500
Industrial electrician, apprenticeships in Germany in the field: industrial engineeringmore than 500
Industrial electrician, apprenticeships in Germany in the field: devices and systemsmore than 100
Insulation skilled worker / Insulation skilled workerless than 100
Machine and plant operator, apprenticeships in Germany in metal technology and plastics technology, textile technology, textile finishing, food technology, print finishing and paper processingmore than 5,000
Upholstery and decoration seamstress / upholstery and decoration seamstressmore than 100
Production specialist chemistrymore than 100
Product tester-textile / Product tester-textileless than 100
Service specialist for dialog marketingmore than 100
Service driver / service drivermore than 100
Service worker for protection and securitymore than 100
Textile and fashion seamstress / textile and fashion seamstressmore than 100
Tiefbaufacharbeiter / Tiefbaufacharbeiterin, apprenticeships in Germany in the main areas: Road construction work, pipeline construction work, sewer construction work, well construction work and special civil engineering work, track construction work.more than 1,000
Salesman / Saleswomanmore than 10,000
Pre-polisher jewelry manufacturing and small equipment manufacturing / Pre-polisher jewelry manufacturing and small equipment manufacturing.less than 100
Data source: Own research and compilation. Data from BIBB and
Fastest apprenticeships in Germany
Applicants are often particularly attracted to apprenticeships that pay well, have a short apprenticeships in Germany period and where there are many vacancies.

Which apprenticeships in Germany courses are particularly short?

The apprenticeships for salesperson, warehouse clerk, building and property coater, civil engineering technician, metal technology specialist and courier, express and postal services specialist are particularly short at just 24 months. Other apprenticeships often last longer: 36 months is standard, but it can go up to 42 months.

What else should I consider regarding an apprenticeship in Germany?

There are a variety of criteria such as salary, working hours, non-financial conditions and general future prospects for your apprenticeship. You will find further guidance on how to choose your apprenticeship by region, according to whether you want to do an apprenticeship as a man or look for an apprenticeship as a woman, and according to the number of apprenticeships offered each year.

Ausbildung path for success

There are several ways to apply for an apprenticeship in Germany. Among others, this order is possible:
  1. Select an apprenticeship
  2. Select an application strategy
  3. Find an employer for this apprenticeship
  4. Apply for the apprenticeship at this employer
  5. Wait for the results or start again with 1
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